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Flatfile Shoutbox


With this shoutbox you can easily manage your shoutbox-enries. Easy and simple installation, no other CSS and fast including!


With the Flatfile Shoutbox you can enjoy the lightness of adapting it to your design as you like.
No annoying prefabricated stylings that can't be changed anymore!

Without MySQL.

An installation is also not necessary, because you upload this shoutbox and it's ready to use.

After uploading the 4 files:
- shoutbox.php
- shoutbox.func.php
- shoutbox_config.php
- smileys.ttf
You have go to the page "shoutbox.php" and you're done!

### LOGIN - DATA ###
In the "shoutbox_config.php" the log-in data are defined in lines 5 and 6. Please change it immediately!
If you want to login you just have to open "shoutbox_config.php".

### SMILEYS ##
To deactivate the smileys (activated from the beginning), you have to change the "true" to "false" in the "shoutbox_config.php" in row 7.
Same procedure in the file "shoutbox.php" in row 44.

### Entries per page ###
In both files you can change the posts per page in a row under the smileys.