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Simple Gallery


"Simple Gallery" makes it easier to manage your images. This makes it almost as easy to manage your pictures on your website as it is on your computer.

Available in English & German


Instructions can be found in the ZIP file (english and german)


  1. Galleries with descriptions
  2. Basic pagination functionality
  3. Subcategories
  4. Password-protected folders
  5. Thumbnail generation
  6. Automatically sort from old to new
  7. Integrated lightbox

And much more!

Tested with with PHP 5.6 and above

Changelog V2.0 (2018/05/11):

Version 2.0 contains many bugfixes and new features. Beside that, it's more lightweight.

new: completely rewritten from scratch
new: password-protected folders
new: easier integration and customization
new: custom preview images
new: subfolders can have subfolders
new: folders can contain both, unsorted images and subfolders

fixed: error when a folder name contains empty spaces
fixed: error when a folder contains subfolders and images
fixed: wrong amount value when a folder contains unsupported file formats
fixed: thumbnails for transparent png images had a black background
fixed: error when subfolders had their own description file

How to upgrade from V1.0:

When you download V2.0, you'll notice that the ZIP only contains a "gallery" folder and a "gallery.php" file.

"gallery.php": This is the file where you'll include your design to integrate the gallery.

"gallery" folder: contains the script to avoid errors and to make it easier to install future updates.

Because the goal was to make V2.0 a lot more lighter, you can delete the following files on your server before you upload V2.0:

  1. view.php
  2. galleries.php
  3. thumbs.php
  4. /inc folder (or if you use another script with this folder, delete these files inside it: "assets", "templates", "config.inc.php", "index.php" and the "languages" files)

In V1.0, your images were stored in your "galleries" folder. In V2.0, your images will be stored in the "content" folder you can find in said "gallery" folder - simply copy your images there.

If that sounds too complicated for you:

  1. Delete the mentioned files above
  2. Download your old "galleries" folder from V1.0 (the folder that contains your images)
  3. Upload V2.0
  4. Open the "content" folder located in the new "gallery" folder
  5. Move your images inside this folder

Still questions left? Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll help you for sure!