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Resize your images on the fly without permanently storing them. The thumbnails are scaled down with PHP and are therefore loaded faster.

The generated thumbnails are stored in the browser cache to improve performance and to reduce bandwidth usage.


The script is simple and easy to use. After you have uploaded the file to your server, you can show a thumbnail of an image this way:

<img src="thumbs.php?image=folder/image.png">


<img src="thumbs.php?image=image.png">

However, if you want to use a custom size, do it this way:

<img src="thumbs.php?type=medium&image=folder/image.png">


<img src="thumbs.php?type=large&image=folder/image.png">

That's it! If you want to know more about the predefined sizes, open the thumbs.php and you'll find them in line 15. Feel free to edit them or to add your own! You'll also find more instructions about the scaling options as well as the cropping mode there.

Changelog (2018/12/13):

new: custom scaling options

new: option to store thumbnails in the browser cache

new: support for different width and height values

new: support for custom cropping modes

new: faster thumbnail generation

+ more invisible comments to explain how to customize it

+ demo file & image

Changelog (2018/05/11):

new: added support for transparent .png files