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For various reasons, I'm not gonna be a part of Designfreaks anymore. Since it would probably be too difficult for Danny to keep and maintain the old content management system, the site is currently in a kind of maintenance mode.

What you're seeing now is a design made by Danny - I thought it's easier to reorganize his content this way. Would be probably too overwhelming to deal with the original design the site used to have. Danny's content is still online until he decides what he'll do with the site in the future, but I've already deleted my content. Oh, and I know you all totally love drama but there's no tea to spill this time. The reason why I am leaving is actually a private matter that I honestly do not want to share and it would not be relevant either.

Of course you can still use my content, but my disappearance doesn't mean that the original rules no longer apply. Means: "You are not allowed to use our resources to create new resources with them and you are not allowed to redistribute them." - You already know what I mean. Well, some obviously still don't understand this or they're purposely ignoring it. That's why I'm repeating it. Joke aside.

Thanks for over 500 visitors daily and sometimes even 10,000+ visitors per month! It's amazing what happened in 2 years.

- Nick;

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