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Changes everywhere!

Even if you may not see it, a lot has changed in the background. We have updated all designs and some scripts.

All designs that previously loaded resources from external servers are now bundled with the respective resources. In addition, our privacy policy has been updated. These changes had to be made because of the new Data Protection Act for Europe, "General Data Protection Regulation".

Furthermore, the "Maintenance" designs are now all responsive. Maybe we'll also update the other designs to make them responsive in the future.

Simple Gallery received the biggest update. The script was completely rewritten!

new: completely rewritten from scratch
new: password-protected folders
new: easier integration and customization
new: custom preview images
new: subfolders can have subfolders
new: folders can contain both, unsorted images and subfolders

fixed: error when a folder name contains empty spaces
fixed: error when a folder contains subfolders and images
fixed: wrong amount value when a folder contains unsupported file formats
fixed: thumbnails for transparent png images had a black background
fixed: error when subfolders had their own description file

Two other scripts were completely rewritten - CSS Switcher and Skin Switcher.

new: now uses cookies instead of a PHP session

fixed: redirections were wrong in rare situations
fixed: after closing the browser, the CSS file was always set to default again
fixed: after closing the browser, the theme was set to default again

And last but not least, the "Thumbs" script also received a small update.

new: added support for transparent .png files

We hope you enjoy the updates and wish you a nice weekend!

Nick Nick

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Jun 2018

06:40 AM

what a Christian way to handle this. I approve.