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December Changelog

There have been so many improvements lately! We just forgot to announce it.

Script updates:

Thumbs.php received many improvements, including:

new: custom scaling options

new: option to store thumbnails in the browser cache

new: support for different width and height values

new: support for custom cropping modes

new: faster thumbnail generation

+ more invisible comments to explain how to customize it

+ demo file & image

Simple Gallery also received a small update because a modified version of the thumbnail script is integrated there.

Small changes:

- Optimized the CSS for the preview images; the overview of resources, designs and downloads should be less cluttered now

- The "download" bar when you open a design demo is back; now you'll see if a theme is compatible with Wordpress or not (shhh, we're planning to adapt more of our themes for Wordpress in the future. We're also planning to redesign some of them, or to clean up the code a bit. Some designs are really old though.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) Oh, and we still have to update our existing Wordpress templates so they'll support the new Gutenberg Editor of Wordpress 5.0; we're working on it!

Bigger changes: Improved content information - Example

- Visible tags (linked with the search feature if you click them)

- Multiple resolutions to choose from before downloading

- Improved overall website performance and speed

By the way, we didn't forget about the surprise box you might be waiting for since it was a part of our Anniversary Event! It will come; we just don't know when since we're kinda busy with other things right now (and a little bit lazy of course).

Team Team

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