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Terms of Usage

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this.

Last updated: 2017/12/24


Our entire content may be downloaded and used free of charge. The rights of use include not only the useage on the own website, but also on video platforms and even for print media, provided that no profit is generated with the created works. It is not allowed to use our resources, designs or downloads for commercial purposes without our written permission.

It is forbidden to duplicate or to redistribute our content.

Furthermore, as soon as you use something from Designfreaks, you are obliged to link back to us. This must be done either visibly in the description under the respective work, and/or on a subpage if you have your own website.

Category: Resources

The resources may be used in all works and for this purpose they may be re-coloured, resized and modified at will, but it is always forbidden to create new resources with them.

Category: Designs

Our designs can be adapted according to your wishes, but you should differentiate between the different types we offer.

The visible link to Designfreaks must not be removed under any circumstances, including when the original design is not recognizable at the end after you've modified it. However, if you've used a template, you may place the link to Designfreaks somewhere else on your website, for example on a subpage, because the templates should be used to create your own designs with them.

Category: Downloads

Our downloads and scripts may be extended, adapted and modified according to your needs, but no modified versions of them may be redistributed. Extensions are excluded; Of course, if the extension does not contain any code from Designfreaks, feel free to share it. You could also give us a link to your extension and maybe we'll mention it on our site to promote it!