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About Nick

13. May (22 years old)
Germany (Hanover / Lower saxony)
Eye color
Blue-Green mix
Favorite movies
Various / Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Favorite music
Various / Rock, Alternative, Acoustic

My name is Nick and I'm currently 22 years old. I think I am a realist with pessimistic tendencies. I am usually absolutely unbiased about things and I'm open for pretty much everything, except spiders. Ugh, hate them.

This usually leads to the fact that, most of the time, everything goes wrong before I reach my goals. But: If I want to achieve something, then I usually manage it.

My sleep pattern is always fucked up and I guess I'll probably never be friends with my bed.

My latest shortnews

Today's our anniversary! Designfreaks is 2 years old now, can yo...
Nick 2018/11/06
Whoa, I'm so glad summer's coming to an end. I am feeling better...
Nick 2018/08/28
I'll probably be inactive from July 12, because unfortunately I ...
Nick 2018/07/10