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Who are we?

We are Nick and Danny, two guys from Germany, and we have been friends for about 7 years. We got to know each other because we've found the websites of each other, simple as that. Web design is our passion for about 10 years meanwhile.

If you would like to learn more about us as individuals, you are welcome to view our profiles, where you can even see a small overview of our latest contents.


It's said that opposites attract and yes, we have enough of them. But what do we actually have in common? If there are two things we probably love the most, it's pizza and cocoa. And as you can imagine, we have one more thing in common: overweight. But who cares?

Sarcasm and irony have been loyal companions in our lives for many years. But what would the world be without a little sarcasm? Okay, we admit it. It's been a long time since we consciously use it. It just happens unknowingly meanwhile, but that's nothing we have to worry about, right?

That would be the next thing we have in common. Always pretending that you don't care about one thing; maybe you will believe it yourself at some point? And we really don't care about a lot of things. And that would be the next thing we have in common: Most trends are annoying, typical society rules are annoying, stereotypes are stupid and self-descriptions usually only contain a list of positive characteristics that might interest someone - that's why we stop here.

No, we won't stop, of course. That is also one of the things that possibly makes conversations so interesting. If you can talk for hours about any kind of nonsense, or if you can get upset about something for hours together after you have said at least 5 times that you don't care anymore.

So what are the opposites?

In short: everything. Nick prefers to stay at home to have his peace of mind, but Danny likes to meet friends. Nick always seems to be very serious on the outside, even if he isn't, but Danny on the other hand expresses his feelings freely; even if strangers around him are already watching because he is laughing loudly and heartily.

Besides, Danny is a total early bird, while Nick is more of a night owl; both involuntarily - biological clocks are a great thing. While Danny would rather wish that his body might sleep longer, Nick would be happy if he could sleep at all - at a normal time.

Danny is an extremely patient person; Nick is impatience; it could actually be his name, probably. But maybe that's also the reason why the friendship works at all; they're clearly complementing each other.